We are the only authorized dealer and installer for the specialized Softwall Fabric Panel Installation System in Northern California providing customizable, sound-proof barriers between rooms and areas.

The Softwalls system provides sound-proof barriers for walls and ceilings and is the ideal material for conference rooms, offices, restaurants, theaters, auditoriums, and lobbies.

What is the SoftWalls System?

  • Allows flexibility for adapting to varying field conditions.
  • No field pre-measuring for fabrication required; saving six to eight weeks in delivery time.
  • No damage of the panels during shipment.
  • No costly hard facing required, as the fabric is not glued to the fiberglass.
  • No scribing of panels in the field to achieve perfect alignment at the inside corners, outside corners and ceilings.
  • The ability to use any approved absorptive, reflective, tackable or composite core required behind the fabric.
  • Class A rated, Flame Spread <25: ASTM E84.
  • Engineered for fabric removal and replacement in the event of soiling or damage.
  • Competitively priced with pre-manufactured panels.
  • Virtually unlimited freedom in panel design in two and three-dimensional planes and a variety of edge seam conditions.
  • The use of a mid-wall extrusion, which allows for perfect mid-wall seams.

For more information on SoftWallsTM and how it is installed, please visit their website.

Softwall Projects