DZ is recognized as a Safety Leader in the Industry and received the FCA CREST (Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training) Award in 2019.

At DZ we have a genuine commitment to creating a safe workplace. Our Environmental, Safety & Health Program provides resources for training, oversight, enforcement, proper tools, equipment and hiring the personnel needed to manage this program. We communicate our commitment to the workforce, which in turn allows them to provide feedback and recommendations.

We have a team of full-time safety professionals (including a program administration manager, certified industrial hygienist, corporate safety manager, site safety managers and field safety supervisors) to administer, implement and enforce our Environmental Safety & Health Program. Safety statistics are sent weekly to the president and division managers for review. Management holds bi-annual meetings with the safety department, project managers, superintendents and our key project leaders to discuss safety and create a strategic action plan for improving and promoting safety on the job site.

Features of our safety program include:

  • Zero tolerance policy
  • Site-specific safety plans
  • Pre-job safety analysis and hazard identification
  • Annual training & education
  • Specialized training & education
  • Plan of the Day (POD)
  • Daily job site inspections
  • Weekly safety walk audits
  • Monthly site safety audits by corporate safety & project management
  • Third-party loss control & risk assessment surveys
  • Return-to-work program
  • Intra-company communications (safety committees, newsletters, memos)
  • OSHA partnership programs (including Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Partnership)



Platinum Award (Score: 95.5/100)

ConstructSecure Independent Construction Safety Assessment Program (CS-Safety).  The CS-Safety Program reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The program normalizes for contractor size and type of work performed. It provides a thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of company performance for decision making by construction industry participants. The results provide a view of the value a company places on safety and a reliable predictor of future performance.