Mission and Values

As part of the F.D. Thomas family, D. Zelinsky and Sons’ mission is to deliver on big expectations by assuring predictable outcomes. Our focus is to perform high quality finishes and to follow the DZ way, which is to do the right thing, do it well, do it with humility, do it consistently, and do it to win.


Great People: Hire amazing professionals with “can do” attitudes and train them to work to DZ standards.

Great Work: Consistently exceed expectations by providing service, safety and quality without surprises.

Extraordinary Company: Create a workplace where the employees stay for a lifetime of ever-expanding expertise and customers return again and again for the performance and value they’ve come to rely on.


Comprehensive:  “We’ve got you covered”, providing a single source of skilled labor and management across the greater California Bay Area.

Competent:  With a “yes we can” attitude, we prove our reputation by delivering timely, safe, quality work on every job.

Committed:  We go “all in” – by training to the highest standards, by owning a large fleet of equipment, by maintaining a large bonding capability.  From longtime labor and management to invested ownership, we maximize effectiveness and ensure predictable outcomes.